La rentrée des classes

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Boîte à biscuits avec photo

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Boîte à biscuits avec photo – cœur

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Boite à biscuits personnalisée – rectangle

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Boîte à stylos en métal personnalisé avec photo

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Boîte à tartines avec photo – rose

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Etui met foto bedrukken

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Gilet de sécurité pour enfant personnalisé

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Gourde aluminium personnalisée

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Order your personalized BACK TO SCHOOL gifts from Fungifts.
The long holidays are now over. It’s the start of a new school year, back to school is always an exciting time, whether you stay in the same school or move from middle school to high school from primary to middle school.

It is also an opportunity to give your children a great gift by offering them personalized gifts with the printing of their favorite photos or logo or text on their backpack, their pen, their pencil cases or their glasses box.
Back to school – We wish you a happy school year!
The beginning of a school year is always a moment of euphoria but at the same time a little bit anxiety-provoking for your children because it carries many questions: who will be my main teacher? What will my schedule be? Will I be in the same class as my best friend? Will I have a lot of homework to do?

At fun gift we will therefore be to facilitate this back to school by personalizing your school supplies through a very nice gift.

Surprise them with gifts Customize with your texts and photos

Making a good impression on their teachers and classmates is very important to your children.

We can offer you many school items including kits schoolbags backpacks.

Back to school in high school is an even more stressful and difficult time for both students and parents. The period of adolescence is very delicate.

Indeed the children or rather the teenagers in this period do not gain more and more autonomy pond more and more towards independence.

Socially your children are trying to find their place in society and make it something very important to them.

Chez fungifts vous trouverez sans problème le cadeau personnalisé qui leur faut En cette période de rentrée scolaire. Les meilleurs cadeaux pour la rentrée scolaire sont chez Fungifts consulter notre site pour une idée cadeau originale.

Nous avons parlé des grands mais parlons désormais et des plus petits cars pour eux aussi la rentrée scolaire est un moment important.

Les années passent et les matières et les disciplines se multiplient et deviennent de plus en plus difficile, Ainsi vos enfants ont besoin de plus en plus de fournitures scolaires.

Nous pouvons vous proposer des cadeaux avec un prénom, un cadeau avec un texte, un cadeau personnalisé avec photo et texte, En effet créer un cadeau personnalisé avec photo et texte est extrêmement simple chez

In addition, with a school bag, a cap or a kit personalized with his first name, your child will no longer be able to confuse his belongings with the belongings of others. It is sometimes difficult to go and drink during a sports class so it is better to bring a bottle with you.

Only the bottles of mineral water all look alike and we risk confusing ours with that of another. This is why on we offer to print your bottle with the photo of your child and his first name to make it a unique gift for the start of the school year.